Life is rhythm!

Tanzhologie® trains body and mind, leaves room for individuality and aims for healthy body and personality development through dance as an art form .

Tanzhology Studio

The range of classes for children, young people and adults includes classical ballet, jazz ballet, dance improvisation and dance theatre. It takes into account the latest scientific findings from dance science and dance medicine . According to the definition of Tanzhologie® , movement is taught as a combination of targeted practice of given movement techniques and free movement design through improvisation. The promotion of creative personal achievements of the students up to the independent development of entire choreographies is an essential teaching goal.

Tanzhologie® advanced training

The professional seminars are aimed at pedagogues, as well as dance and movement creators of all styles. They contain a lot of movement practice and also provide a dance- scientific background on the connections between health and dance. Dance teachers receive practical suggestions as to how Tanzhologie® or individual elements from the method can be integrated into their own dance pedagogical concepts.

next seminars
  • 8. - 9.6.2024  Basic course
  • 6. - 7.7.2024 Advanced course

The Tanzhologie Studio

  • Ringstrasse 105 in 55543 Bad Kreuznach
  • Large, bright and well ventilated dance room equipped with Hepa air filter
  • Free parking during class
  • only 5 minutes on foot from Bad Kreuznach train station

Dancing is when your head stops thinking and your inner voice takes over...

Corinna Janson