What is Tanzhologie®?

Tanzhologie® is a health-promoting class using dance as an art. It combines the positive effects of a wide variety of dance styles with relaxation techniques.


What does a Tanzhologie® class include?

In a Tanzhologie® lesson, simple elements of a wide variety of dance styles are practiced. Each lesson consists of a mixture of predetermined technique training, free dancing and relaxation.

Why is Tanzhologie® good for health?

Each type of dancing includes characteristic features and trains very specific forms of posture and movement qualities. In order to capture the positive effect of the entire spectrum of dance on human health , Tanzhologie® uses a patchwork of simple elements from a wide variety of styles (ballet, afro, jazz, modern dance, etc.) and also works with freelance movement design in the form of dance improvisation and dance theater. At the same time, in each lesson, an arc is drawn from active dancing to mental training and relaxation. This form of holistic dance lessons helps people - in every respect - to remain flexible, or to become so again. Tanzhologie® trains individual movement expertise with the help of dance, trains the body as an instrument of expression and perception, and thereby strengthens the body-mind-soul connection.

For whom is Tanzhologie® suitable?

Tanzhologie® can be adapted to the needs of each target group and to the most diverse training levels

  • children
  • teenagers
  • adult
  • senior citizens

Tanzhology is particularly well suited for heterogeneous groups!

Where does the name Tanzhologie® come from?

The term " Tanzhologie " is a neologism by Corinna Janson. Based on her training with Dr. Detlef Kappert she developed the Tanzhologie® teaching concept in 2004 as a practically applicable method with the aim of making the benefits of dance available to people of all ages .

What is the difference between Tanzhologie® and dance therapy?

Tanzhologie® is designed as a general health-promoting dance class that uses the positive effects of a wide variety of dance styles in combination with relaxation techniques for the benefit of people. Unlike dance therapy, Tanzhologie® is not a method for treating pathological patterns, but rather for health prophylaxis and personality development. It is a varied and joyful leisure activity in the group that teaches dance technique and gives space to individual needs for movement and expression, without personal problems being discussed in depth in the lessons.

Dance is for people...

"Healthy life means a constant process of renewal and adjustment: in the physical, emotional and mental areas. Dance is an ideal way to train posture, stability , flexibility and balance - also in a figurative sense - and supports people in this staying in the inner and outer flow of movement." Corinna Janson