The Cosmic Body

Workshop with Performance

9. - 10. März 2024 in Bad Kreuznach (D)

Content and learning objectives

The CosmicBody concept developed by Dr. Rajyashree Ramesh combines ancient dance, movement and cosmological knowledge with the latest findings in movement science.

The aim of the workshop is to practically explore the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approach of this work with regard to a performing art of healing. Dance is awareness of space and form. Of emotions and feelings. Of interactions between these in us and with us. The deeper we get involved, the more refined our experiences become, and the more we recognize the great power that surrounds us. Therein lies the stage-aesthetic experience that ultimately leads to the healing and spiritual experience that we attribute to dance. Specifically, in the workshop we work from the inner functional movements of the body outwards to the form-giving structural and expressive aspects. The special feature lies in the exploration of the inner shaping processes along the deep neuromuscular and fascial micro-levels and the anatomical landmarks of the body that support movement, also in relation to the sacral energetic qualities of movement from the energy centers, the chakras and the elements associated with them (cosmological knowledge of India). Finally, we explore the stabilizing dynamics of external spatial forces of attraction, the spatial pulls, along the body axes and play with the emotive-expressive qualities of movement through gestures, facial expressions and postures from the performing arts of India Natya.

The workshop will be in German and English. Total duration: 10 hours

Target group

For therapists and performers (dancers, actors, musicians), as well as filmmakers and other interested parties who would like to integrate the potential of the performative body from a variety of perspectives into their own artistic and therapeutic work.


Rajyashree Ramesh is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA), holistic fascia trainer and movement researcher who was born in Pune, India, grew up in Mumbai and Bangalore and has been living in Berlin since 1977. Her professional experience spans over six decades and ranges from numerous solo performances of the classical repertoire, to partly state-funded multinational/multidisciplinary stage productions, various lectures, workshops and lecture performances at universities and international conferences, and publications in German and English. Through her cross-cultural work as a mediator of classical Indian dance, her interest has increasingly focused on research into the human movement itself. After numerous trainings and a certification as a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, she continued her research academically, completing her PhD in 2019 on the relationship between movement, cognition and emotions at the Europe-University Viadrina in Germany. The focus of this work, which draws on the latest findings from Linguistic Gesture Research, Brain Research on Emotions and Fascia Research, lies in the movement-based analysis of embodied meaning in gestural representations on the one hand and the more fundamental representation with emotions on the other. This resulted in a Transcultural Movement Studies program in several modules. The CosmicBody concept encompasses these perspectives.

Location & time

Workshop: Saturday and sunday 11.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Tanzhologie Studio - Corinna Janson
Ringstraße 105
55543 Bad Kreuznach

Performance: Saturday 20.00 h
Haus des Gastes
Kurhausstr. 22-24
55543 Bad Kreuznach



  • 210 € normal fare | 180 € member-fare (; DBfT; Tanzhologie Studio)
  • incl. one free ticket for Performance

Early bird: 30 € reduction for registration until 11.2.2024


Participants with a certificate in dance medicine will be credited

Bring along

Training clothes, snacks and drinks as required

Accommodation & free time

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