Was ist Tanzhologie?

Tanzhologie is the holistic consideration of dance and its significance for human beings.

It is the study and teaching of dance especially in anthropological, historical, social, artistic, psychological and medical terms. 

The term "Tanzhologie" is a neologism created by Corinna Janson. Based on her training with Dr. Detlef Kappert, she developed the teaching concept Tanzhologie® as a practically applicable teaching method in 2004.

Tanzhologie® makes the positive effects of dance usable for people

  • On the physical level, the musculoskeletal system is trained multidimensionally. The dance training of posture, movement and perception optimizes stability and dynamics and helps to achieve more competence in movement. The body can better fulfil its role as an instrument of expression and perception. At the same time, the organism becomes more permeable for a free flow of energy, as a basis for a harmonious natural vibration.

  • On the emotional level, music and dance playfully bring emotions into movement. This form of expression in dance helps people to come into harmony with themselves.

  • On the mental level, dance hology trains the ability of concentration and memory. This happens especially through the rehearsal of choreographed movement sequences in the group. Improvisation exercises contribute to the increase of the individual imagination and promote the ability of creative self-performance.

  • On the spiritual level, dance hology creates the possibility to experience oneself holistically: as an individual, mobile and creative being in a lively exchange with the environment.


Health through dance

Interview of TVS (Tanz Vereinigung Schweiz) with Corinna Janson, naturopath and dance teacher Source: TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS, 03/2021

Corinna Janson, founder of Tanzhologie® and director of the Tanzhologie Studio in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, started ballet classes as a 4-year-old and later trained as a naturopath. Today, she teaches dance with a therapeutic awareness. In an interview with TVS, she describes her life journey from being a passionate dancer to working as a therapist and back again.

You are an alternative practitioner and a dance teacher. What came first? The dancing or the therapeutic activity?

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Info and registration for the Tanzhologie workshop from 23-24.10.2021 in Zurich: Tanzhologie - A teaching method for health promotion through dance

The dance is there for the person, and not vice versa.

Tanze, denn Leben ist Rhythmus!

Dance, because life is rhythm!

Healthy life means a constant process of renewal and adaptation, in the physical as well as in the emotional and spiritual realm. Convinced that dance is a particularly suitable form of training for maintaining this ability, I have been working with dance from a holistic perspective for many years and have coined the term "danceology" for this purpose.

Each dance style contains characteristic features and thus trains very specific movement qualities. In order to capture the positive effects of the entire spectrum of dance, Tanzhologie uses a patchwork of simple elements from a wide variety of styles (ballet, Afro, jazz, modern dance, dance theater, dance improvisation - to name just a few) and always works with a mixture of movement techniques and free movement design. At the same time, an arc is spanned from active dancing to mental training and relaxation.

Corinna Janson