effect of the method

Tanzhologie® makes the positive effects of dance usable for people

The Tanzhologie lessons can be adapted to the needs of each target group and are particularly suitable for heterogeneous groups.

  • On the physical level , the musculoskeletal system is trained multidimensionally. The dance posture, movement and perception training optimizes stability and dynamics and helps to increase movement competence. The body can better fulfill its task as an instrument of expression and perception. At the same time, the organism becomes more permeable for a free flow of energy, as the basis for a harmonious natural vibration.
  • On the emotional level , emotions are playfully set in motion through music and dance . This form of expression in dance helps people to find harmony with themselves.
  • On the mental level , Tanzhology trains the ability to concentrate and remember. This is done in particular by rehearsing choreographed movement sequences in the group . Improvisation exercises contribute to increasing individual imagination and promote the ability for creative personal performance.
  • On the spiritual level , Tanzhologie creates the opportunity to experience oneself holistically:   as an individual, flexible and creative being in a lively exchange with the environment.