Life is rhythm!

Every cell of the body functions in its own rhythm, and our organism is influenced by external rhythms, such as the time of day and the seasons. Dance and music support the body's own rhythms! They bring body, mind and emotions into harmony, and have a positive effect on social communities.

Tanzhologie® training with Corinna Janson - 27/28.8.22 in Biel (CH)

The classes at Tanzhologie Studio 

trains body and mind, leaves room for individuality and aims at healthy personality development through dance as an art form.

The range of classes for  children, teenager and adults includes classical ballet, jazz ballet, dance improvisation and dance theatre. It takes into account the latest scientific findings from dance science and dance medicine. Movement is taught according to the definition of Tanzhologie® as a combination of targeted practice of given movement techniques and free movement design through improvisation. The promotion of the students' own creative achievements up to the independent development of entire choreographies is an essential teaching goal. 

Art calendar stages dance in parks and at salt pans

Our calendar is available as a special edition from Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH. 100% of the net proceeds are donated to an account for the preservation of the graduation towers. It is printed in Din-A3 format and is available in the studio.

"Such aesthetic shots in such beautiful surroundings - it's almost a declaration of love for Bad Kreuznach!" Feedback from a buyer

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