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Interview with Corinna Janson, naturopath and dance teacher

Corinna Janson, founder of Tanzhologie® and head of the Tanzhologie studio in Bad Kreuznach, started ballet lessons at the age of four and later completed training as a naturopathic practitioner. Today she teaches dance with a therapeutic awareness. In an interview with Swiss Dance Association , she describes her path from being a passionate dancer to working as a therapist and back again.

Tanzhologie ® as a method

As Sylke Damerau's interview partner, Corinna Janson reports on her path to becoming a dance teacher.

Male attitude towards recreational dance  - a dance-muffle study

Why are men still underrepresented in many dance styles? As part of her final thesis for the MAS in Dance Science at the University of Bern, Corinna Janson deals with this question in detail and comes to interesting conclusions with regard to the explicit design of dance offers for boys.

You can download the summary of the study here. In GERMAN

Influence of dance training on the body image of patients with eating disorders

This project work for the dance medicine certificate ( Germany) deals with the question of whether dance lessons are a suitable means of improving the relationship to one's own body and self-esteem. Download the project work as a summary

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Dance Motivation Calendar - A tool for teachers

Assessment as part of the MAS Dance Science course

Teaching dance to children is a big and beautiful challenge. This calendar shows dance teachers according to Self-determination Theory and Achievement Goal Theory how to use intrinsic motivation as a natural well-spring for achievement and learning. Maintaining the pure joy of dance children will learn in an autonomous and disciplined way all they need to know about dance.

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Dance in parks and at salt flats

The 2021 calendar is available as a special print from Health and Tourism for Bad Kreuznach in DIN A3 format for a donation in the studio . 100% of the net proceeds go to an account for the maintenance of the graduation towers.

"Such aesthetic shots in such beautiful surroundings - that's almost a declaration of love for Bad Kreuznach!"

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